Do you still think in systems or already in processes?

Connect your systems in an intelligent way to form a logical overall system

smart bcs

smart business context services SMART BCS

Pimp your Alfresco

Invest in working solutions instead of development

Well thought-out and configurable modules for Alfresco with support from ecm4u. Don't reinvent the wheel and benefit from updates. ALFRESCO

Digital transformation: for us not just a buzzword

We have been supporting companies in their digitalization efforts for years and see ourselves as coaches and sparring partners.


Pre-integrated Reference Systems

Our reference systems for various use cases such as CRM or project management have been carefully selected by us and pre-integrated with the other reference systems so that you can work productively as quickly as possible VIRTUALIZATION AND CONTAINERS



Benefit from our wealth of experience in the use of open source software such as Alfresco, EspoCRM, Redmine or Zimbra in enterprise environments.

Why reinvent the wheel? We know many requirements and how to implement them with modern and effective technologies. For this we integrate where possible components that are established and help you to operate them effectively.



Whether it is the filing and processing of incoming invoices, intelligent project filing or support your team in case management - we offer you sophisticated, modular solutions with established open source products that can be quickly adapted to your needs.

We integrate your existing systems and supply you with preconfigured solutions such as virtual machines or containers including remote support so that you can focus more on your actual work.

Blog / News

How To Transfer User Permissions?

Alfresco unfortunately does not provide an API to transfer permissions from one user to another. There are strategies to avoid this case, but what if you still need to do it? In this post we will show you how it can work and how to avoid this situati...

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Alfresco: Virtual Appliance 7.2

It's always good to have options: After Alfresco released the latest version 7.2 of its OpenSource ECM in the Community Edition, the latest version of the Alfresco Virtual Appliance from ecm4u is available almost at the same time, which, in additio...

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How much space do document versions take up in Alfresco?

Reports on Alfresco

The question came up in the Alfresco Discord Channel: How to evaluate how much disk space is occupied by document versions in Alfresco?

Alfresco stores all information about documents in a relational database. However, this...

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BARC Online Conference Digital Workplace

Just work the better way

How many systems do you have to operate with in order to be able to process a task? Why can't you use information where you need it?

ecm4u is at the BARC online conference Digital Workplace from 19.-20. May 2021 and wil...

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The integrated, distributed application

The balancing act between general purpose platforms and the specialist application

When it comes to the point to optimally support employees in their processes with IT systems, one often has to make the unappreciative decision: use an integrated ap...

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Pimp Alfresco for Everyday Activities (I)

Processes and Connection to Other Systems

The challenge in everydays life is that processes must take into account context data and documents stored in a wide range of IT systems. This sounds obvious, but many solutions for process management fail...

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