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Our focus is on the most pragmatic support possible for users in companies and their networking in their daily processes. We try to adapt established process concepts with new technologies and, conversely, to improve processes with new approaches.


When you start to transform established processes, you often find that there are many media and data breaks in the processes that need to be overcome. ecm4u offers pragmatic solutions and products to create transparent processes that have transparent access to master data and documents from different systems.

We do not limit ourselves to the process chains and processes themselves, but also offer complete, pre-integrated open source reference systems for different applications such as

  • CRM (EspoCRM)
  • Document management (Alfresco)
  • Project management and ticket system (Redmine)
  • Groupware (Zimbra)
  • Identity Management (Samba)

Our smart bcs platform enables us to implement cross-application processes with sophisticated interfaces and to access data and documents from all important company systems.


Even the best modular solutions cannot avoid developing something new or adapting or expanding an existing one in a specific project. We have experienced developers to professionally implement your requirements both in the frontend and in the backend.

Support and operational assistance

We not only provide you with systems and project services, but also the right support with remote maintenance and reliable response times.

The ecm4u offers more than just simple product or application support. If necessary, we will take care of the entire necessary technology stack remotely: monitoring, backup / restore, migrations and updates. We also provide support with our know-how in everyday life to clarify questions or to find pragmatic solutions to problems. Our customers either agree a monthly time quota with us or book standby services with response times. Depending on your needs, we decide which competencies are necessary for the solution so that a good solution can be found as quickly as possible.

For Alfresco we offer special support packages that include a Vvirtual Appliance and Alfresco patches for the Alfresco Community version.

Virtualization and containerization

It all started at ecm4u with the efficient operation and support of the open source ECM platform Alfresco for many small and large companies. ecm4u began early on to no longer install systems from scratch, but to provide them in the form of tested, optimized and virtualized complete systems. In the meantime, other open source systems have been added that can be meaningfully integrated into processes. For these applications, ecm4u offers systems that are easy to install and update based on VMware or Linux containers with updates and remote support in order to build scalable and secure systems for productive use with as little effort and high quality as possible.

  • Alfresco
  • EspoCRM
  • Redmine Container
  • Zimbra
  • Samba as Active Directory or file server